Monday, 9 January 2012

Winter Sparkle

Today I had the privilege of coming to a family session of Bamboozle's Winter Sparkle. It was the installation we had helped prepare back in December when we were working at Bamboozle's Burnmoor St Studios.

Five families attended the session. As seems to be the custom, an opening circle was created next to the igloo installation and a welcoming name song was sung to everyone in the circle, including the artists, carers, pmld participants and their siblings. We were then invited into the igloo, and after an introductory song the siblings were invited to explore the different areas before going to another room to make a special gift for their brother/sister. The parents and pmld children remained in the igloo space where there were distinct inviting spaces each having a particular character to explore. There was a "spa tent" where participants could lush on furs and have hand and foot massages, an icicle igloo with icy lights, silver shiny things and a cold breeze, a bear's tummy cave, which was warm and red and cosy, a larg tong drum on which participants could lay, while musician scats played rythmically (this was a big hit!!!). Additionally participants were individually serenaded with live violin. A number of large bean bags and cushions were placed within the space which enable some participants to come out of their chairs and be moved around the space quite easily. Bamboozle also has it's own wheel chair hoist. For those who were not able to leave their chairs that day - there were icicle and bear's tummy hanging leaf installation that they could sit under with similar effect to being inside one of the caves.

A wonderful appearance by the ice maiden character gave the installation another theatrical dimension, as she visited each participant in turn -her performance was very embodied and expressive although there was no text.

The siblings re-entered the space and presented their gift each in turn and the show closed with a spectacular snow fall. ( I had previously spent two days cutting up all manner of things to create this snow....)

It was a gorgeous experience, relaxed, chatty, beautiful, sensual, aural, ritualistic. I had a lovely time chatting with some of the

Note to Sensorium - get a wheel chair hoist and large beanbags and cushions. Think about effects that can be enjoyed at chair height. Explore the "family" dimension and possibilities of this work back in Australia.

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