Monday, 21 November 2011

getting blogging...

After a whirlwind week of London living we're finally getting our travel blog up and running...
Feels like we're happily settled in our little flat in Kennington and have our travel cards organised and know which tube to catch to work etc etc.
Working with the fab folk at Oily Cart Theatre really does feel like an incredible opportunity. We felt a bit special turning up to work on our first day and presenting at the stage door of The Unicorn Theatre in the shadow of London Bridge - but were quickly humbled by the revelation that Director, Tim Webb, was going to be late because he was at Buckingham Palace receiving an MBE from the Queen for his services to kids with special needs!!
Tim arrived full of good humour and gently down-played the momentous occasion before greeting us warmly and getting down to work on rehearsals for their upcoming show "Ring a Ding Ding".  We were in there straight away, and found ourselves with tech-guns in our hands working on the set within minutes, and by the second day of rehearsal Tim and company were including us in their collaborative process... Since then, many magic moments and flashes of insight have popped out and here we are, culture shock and jet-lag finally fading away enough for us to start recording everything a little more fully. We'll catch up with ourselves over the next few days and get pics and more detailed blogging happening... Short version is: WE'RE HAVING A BLAST!! Soooo lucky!


  1. Great to see this up and get snippets of how you're going. X

  2. I can't wait to hear about more of your adventures!

  3. Great to see you guys in action, and experiencing different shows in different UK locations! Ginny (just back form Manning Park, 33 degrees in the shade and headed for the pool!) x